Five pet friendly hotels in the UK

04092014113030We teamed up with Best Western Hotels to find five UK hotels that will not only welcome you, but your pet too.

It can feel like a heartbreaking wrench when you need a break but have to leave your pooch behind. Yet there are some lovely hotels that will not only welcome you, but your pet too. We highlight five pet-friendly hotels, all located in areas that provide unrivalled landscape for dog walking and who will happily roll out the red carpet, provide freshly made dog-biscuits and even bouncing balls to add a touch of canine luxury.

BEST WESTERN Mayfield Hotel, Cotswolds, England

The Cotswolds is idyllic for holidaying with your dog. For you, it has rich history, gorgeous limestone villages and historic castles. For quality time with your moggie, there’s the rolling wolds countryside to explore and frolic in.

The trick to getting the most out of this quintessentially English part of England is to stay in the heart of it. The small 28-suite BEST WESTERN Mayfield Hotel, set as it is within a sleepy village in the rural Avon Valley, offers a quaint, quiet base. It’s minutes away

10 Paris bars and cafes only locals know about

25092014132947Few cities do quirky and unusual bars and cafés like Paris does. These charming places are known to the locals, for the most part, something which adds considerably to their allure. Both their décor and atmosphere celebrate the true eccentric charm that lies beneath Paris’s polished surface.

1/ Andy Wahloo

Imagine the perfect drinks terrace. Does it consist of a beautiful, tree-lined interior courtyard, a swinging love seat and more eye candy than you can handle?

If so, head immediately to Andy Wahloo, one of the city’s sexiest little secrets. After locating this quiet, cobblestoned road on the edge of Le Marais, you’ll be wondering whether you’ve got the right address. But once through the charming archway to the leafy courtyard, you’ll be pleased you managed to locate this little piece of Parisian heaven.

The interior will not disappoint. With a spectacular décor inspired by 1970s Morocco, oriental touches and kitsch objects happily coexist, as do poseur party people from all over the world.

If you’re on a budget, head there early between 6pm and 8pm and enjoy the cocktail du jour for only €5. Or stick with

Six recommended Paris restaurants which specialise in traditional French food

15092014110024Even in the most upmarket areas of Paris, authentic French cuisine is available in restaurants at prices that won’t empty your wallet.

We got together with The Parisians’ Guide to Cafés, Bars and Restaurants, the unique new guide to eating and drinking in the French capital, to find six of the best traditional French restaurants.

Le P’tit Troquet

This small, charming and restful two-room restaurant, not far from the Eiffel Tower, feels rather like an extended living room. It specialises in top-class, traditional French food, and prides itself on value for money and service.

The food is a wonderful galaxy of flavours. The delicious starters include home-made foie gras with fig chutney, and rolled marinated salmon with dill, cheese, and horseradish cream sauce.  Main courses offer outstanding dishes such as the traditional boeuf bourguignon (beef stewed in red wine sauce); leg of lamb kebab marinated with thyme and rosemary, in a meat jus; and baked cod and ratatouille with olive oil and chorizo.

The scrumptious desserts feature chocolate and praline tartlet served with white chocolate ice cream; strawberry délice and chopped pink

The diving here is full of fun and convenient

Especially when it comes to helping a number x = crew members on board with instructions and tips on how to properly use diving equipment. In Miami to Key West standard adventure that you will never get bored for a second. These visits are numerous and travelers can enjoy the good times in large gardens and coral reefs of high quality. An entertaining and attractive team to help aboard dive boats.

Passing the spacious and comfortable catamarans 78 feet and enjoy up to 1.5 hours of diving. Most operators will provide beer, soft drinks and water on the way back available. Budget need not worry as there are many ways they are too. In ecological tours, travelers can go for a more comprehensive overview of the natural part of Key West. This skin diving tours are combined with other types of trips introduction into the natural environment of the region. Inside Safari is one of the most popular choices.

On this tour, visitors will reach the former Miami Tours  impact area on board a vessel real candle. Guests can kayak go into the mangroves and islets, with its dense foliage and species of fauna.

Miami to West tour by bus through impressive road Key overseas

Enjoy all the fun of Key West has to offer. On these trips, he is to do some sightseeing, to take a few pictures, and explore Miami Key West Tour Bus has over the road overseas Awesome, enjoy and all the fun Key West to offer. On these trips we can deduce to do a bit of sightseeing, take some pictures, Key West are on their own to explore. Combine your tour bus out do double with an activity of the island! House prepares because these famous disco did as Bad Boys films February 2 Fast Furious lies and truth, Palmar Dara feeling low altitude calms over the blue water with all Emerald slides train to Key West! Enjoy Travel diversion plan maestro EL in Miami to Key West bus! This island is known for its history, is tropical home of famous landmarks such as the end of the United States, the treasure hunt of Mel Fisher Museum, the house of Ernest Hemingway with fingers 6 Cats, Fort Zachary Taylor only sinister and on the ground cemetery to name a few.

Historical monuments with More, Key West is also home to attractions such as the

The Gorgeous Callgirl In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the biggest city in Ducth, located in Noord – Holland province. This big city is not too desenly population. Compare to other big city. Amsterdam isolad city with many canals that cut city with many builing. The train station though look big and old but still has ancient image. There are many interesting place in amsterdam. Famous as center of fun an freedom, amsterdam has many unique place to visiting. For examples. Tussand madame museum, dam square, van gogh museum, rijk museum, red light distric, and many other.

For you that need callgirl Amsterdam to accompany your trip in amsterdam. Callgirl Amsterdam with many type will you find there. Beside famous with many interesting tourism objects, amsterdam also know for having many beautiful girls. Let’s try to browse and find one of them. There are so many sexy girls waiting for you and make you confuse to choose one of them. Here you can choose your type girl in the photos. About the photos is really original and you will not be disappointed. About the price you can be adjusted with the money that you have. Then, you have to pay to the agency first before you take

Affordable 5 Star Hotel In Semarang

For any perfect holiday plan, you need to put perfect place to stay while spending your time at your destination. Speak of perfection, 5 star hotel in Semarang is a perfect place to stay for your perfect holiday. Do you think it is too much for you? A 5 star hotel as it caters its guests with top notch quality, many put a stereotype that you need to pay more for the service. Not to dodge that stereotype, that said if you know how to book hotel in Semarang even you can stay in 5 star hotel without paying too much.


5 star hotel in Semarang, there you will find some. Gumaya Tower Hotel is your first 5 star hotel to consider that is located in Simpang Lima. Despite of this hotel is very popular among business traveler, those with family, you need to consider this too. The hospitality is high level. Once you step inside the hotel, you don’t feel as if you are in the middle of nowhere. The hotel room, you will not the disappointed with it. You who love to maintain healthiness during holiday, take your time to their gym. Forget to bring your shoes? No

Professional Agency for Escort Girls Antwerp

It is no longer a private secret that when it comes to business deal, many companies need to be accompanied by well educated, pretty, and very persuading girl. It is also not a legend that many deals are made by the help of these professional ladies; both on table or behind the curtain. In many countries like Belgium, Netherland, and Luxemburg the ladies that helping some businessman to do the deal are very favorable and helpful, not less the escort girls Antwerp. Not only few cases but many cases have been solved by the soft handed persuasion of escort girls.

Getting escort girls to help some companies is not just picking up any sweet girl. You need to see few indicators that will lead you to the success of fail of the business deal. Out of the sensuality indicator which anyone can decide by preferences, choosing the escort girl what matter the most is the education of the girl. Is she smart enough to keep up with the conversation and deals that need to be made between company and the client? This is also why company need to check the CV of the escort girls to decide the short

Royal Air Maroc Gives You a New Experience of Flying

The airline starts their currier with domestic flights and had few aircrafts that time. After some time of their establishment they had made it internationally. As their number of passengers has increased, they also increased their aircrafts. Now the Royal air maroc flies to more than 20 international destinations. The airline is famous for their great services and facilities in the whole world.


The Royal air maroc UK have one of the most advanced technology aircrafts that are furnished with modern architecture. Their airplanes have one of the most comfortable seats that have the best security system inside it. The passengers will have the most comfortable and secure flight with them. The Royal air maroc London have hired the most educated and well trained staffs that know well how to deal with the passengers in case of any problem. Their all staffs members deals the customers with great care and attentions. You will have a secure and the most comfortable flight with them. The airline has many great facilities that they provide during the flight to make their passengers comfortable and help them to have an enjoyable flight with them. During the

My Husband Booked Our Honeymoon

My husband and I just got married about two months ago. He told me earlier in that year that he wanted me to pick the place where we would go on our honeymoon. So after about 5 months of deliberating and wanting to make sure that I picked the perfect place, I picked France. He then started to do some of the planning as soon as I made up my mind. For example, he bought the tickets, found a company called Taxi Booker that will take you from the airport to the place you will be staying, and more.

He has been to other countries before, but I have not. I had no idea what to expect for the most part. Oddly enough, everyone tells you that you should not wear white sneakers when you go overseas because the people in other countries will immediately peg you as an American. That is about the most travel advice I have ever heard from anyone. So, I knew it was best to let my husband handle everything.

He has also been to Paris before, so he already knew many of the places that I would probably want to see. He put together a

Choosing the Right Winter Vacation Property in Colorado

Choosing the Right Winter Vacation Property in Colorado

Going on vacation in Colorado? Whether you are going to Breckenridge, Colorado, Frisco, Colorado or Copper Mountain, Keystone, Dillon or Silverthorne all considered resort towns in Summit County Colorado or Vail Colorado you need to be aware of the different lodging options you have to choose from. First consider your budget. Knowing your budget will dictate whether you should be looking for an economical motel/hotel or an area that is not specifically in the ski town like Breckenridge, copper, Keystone or vail but maybe in locations like Dillon, Silverthorne or Frisco although Frisco is considered Copper’s ski town. In general the further distance from the ski mountain the less expensive. There are many different types of properties available for your vacation, condo’s, townhomes, private homes to elegant homes. One bedrooms to 9 plus bedrooms.

A very important consideration is how close you want to be to the slopes and understand how the price is affected Ski in – out properties in the visitors mind usually means you can walk out your front or back door step into your skis and ski back down to your home, not necessarily true many property management companies define

Avail The Best Taxi Service In Nottingham

The taxi services have become a trend among the various countries and states and it has become really convenient for the people and the ones who do not own a vehicle. The taxis are very easy to hire and are comfortable in using the service any time and every time.

You need not worry about the fuel and the parking of the vehicle when you use the taxi service. Because the driver is responsible for all those and you will just have to take the ride and get yourself dropped at the desired location. Including the plenty of others, you have option for a taxi from Nottingham to Manchester airport too, that helps one to travel with ease and comfort.

Importance of the taxi:

  • The taxi service is very important during the emergency service because one might not have a vehicle on their own.
  • The taxi is vital in all the countries and cities for using in all the time of the day because one might not know to drive a car or any vehicle and it might be important to have the taxi service available at the time of need.
  • People who cannot afford to buy a vehicle on their own can get this

Exploratorium in San Francisco

The Exploratorium is a museum located in San Francisco whose definite mission is to transform the approach the world learns. It has been labeled by the New York Times as the most significant science museum to have unwrapped since the mid of the 20th century, an accomplishment credited to “the nature of its demonstrations, its widespread impact and its refined teacher training program”. The Exploratorium is regarded as as “a mad scientist’s penny gallery, a scientific funhouse, and an experimental laboratory all bundled into one”, the participatory nature of its revelations and its self-identification as a place for informal learning has headed to being mentioned as the example for participating museums across the world.

The Exploratorium was established by the educator & physicist Frank Oppenheimer at the Palace of Fine Artsin the year 1969, its home until 2nd of January, 2013. On 17th of April, 2013, the Exploratorium was reopened at Piers 15 & 17 on San Francisco’s Embarcadero. The momentous interior and exterior of Pier 15 was renewed broadly prior to the move, and is separated into numerous galleries primarily disconnected by content, with the physics of seeing and listening (Light and Sound), Human Behaviour, Living Systems, Tinkering (including electricity

8 Best Romantic Honeymoon Destinations of 2015

Travis Travel Gear strongly believes that to create a top quality product, the consumer must have top quality customer service. Therefore, if you have questions, comments, or concerns about any product you receive from Travis Travel Gear, we want to hear about it

Just in case a fairy-tale destination wedding is not enough, next comes the great honeymoon to mark the beginning of married life together.  Choosing the right romantic destination can be a choosing the right honeymoon destination can be a challenging task but, because there are just so many remarkable options.

Here are the most bizarre and interesting 2015 honeymoon destinations. From romance to adventure, every destination is unique and has something special to offer to you.


This is the home of the popular Bora Bora islands, it is a scenic romantic getaway that’s perfect for the start of a new life with your other half. Experience stunning sunsets on natural beaches and blasts of velvety green mountains contending to kiss the sky. Tahiti also provides a diversity of snorkeling and hiking adventures. The food, culture, and breath taking view will leave you hungry for more.


Adventure and relaxation are two distinguishing features of a Borneo romantic honeymoon. Known as one of

we use local knowledge to help you discover exactly what make this wonderful destination unique.

You will understand why Nha Trang bay was lovingly known world by the name of luxury and glamor “tropical paradise”, “brilliant fresh flower arrangements on the East Coast” or “Pearl of Vietnam”.

A fantastic excursion awaits you at the third property of Vingroup in Nha Trang. Vinpearl Nha Trang Bay Resort & Villas boasts 483 luxurious rooms and 173 well-appointed villas; a 2000-sqm infinity pool; 7 restaurants and bars; and a challenging 18-hole golf course. Besides the opportunity to enjoy the pristine beach and the crystal blue sea, guests will have unlimited access to the amusement park Vinpearl Land with many fun and thrilling rides or opt for more lively and dynamic activities such as snorkeling, kayaking and jet skiing. Spacious villas showcase elegant touches of traditional Vietnamese culture and are fitted with classic wooden furnishings. All villas feature a plunge pool, private garden and a balcony overlooking the sea. Each offers free Wi-Fi, 46-inch LCD TV and luxury bathroom amenities such as sea salts and candles. Traditional Vietnamese delights can be enjoyed at Vietnam Restaurant while international favourites are served at International Restaurant. Refreshing drinks are offered in the resort’s bar.

The latest international brand luxury hotel in Nha Trang city, InterContinental Nha Trang

Travel guide to Aqaba Jordan

Jordan’s port city is a blend of historic sites and warm waters of the Red Sea. Ramy Salameh offers his guide to Aqaba.

Aqaba is a blend of antiquity within a unique landscape that rises away from the warm waters of the Red Sea all the way to distant mountainous peaks. One of the city’s main historic sites can be seen as a microcosm of Aqaba itself and is a great strating point from which to explore; Aqaba Fort still stands proud and strong, adorned with the Hashemite Kingdom’s coat of arms inscribed above the main gate.

During its life it has been enlarged, developed and been subject to earthquakes and heavy bombardments during World War I and the Great Arab Revolt of 1916. It has been witness to many civilisations, served as a military site and caravanserai for pilgrims travelling to Mecca. The arched entrance leads to a courtyard and vaulted chambers, cells and stables; whilst next door is the Archaeological Museum housing relics of Aqaba’s distant past. An inscription in Arabic confirms the Fort to have been built in the reign of Mamluk Sultan Qansuh Al-Ghuri in the 14th Century.

The fort can be seen as a microcosm of Aqaba itself

Learn how to yodel in the Austrian Alps

Yodeling is not just a musical art form, it is also a way of communicating. Sharron Livingston learns how to yodel in the Tirol, Austria.

I have no idea if anyone below could hear us on the upper reaches of the Alps. Or whether the cows we passed on the way up from the village of Konisgsleiten were at all ruffled. Or even if we frightened the fish as they swam in the blue-hued lake in the green valley 2,400 metres below.

But I do know one thing. As hard as yodel teacher, Christian Eder, tried to tease out a yodel from our gang of five women, we certainly did not sound anything like Julie Andrews when she yodelled “a lonely goatherd” in the 1965 film The Sound of Music.

Christian, a local hotelier put together this jodelwanderweg trail a few years ago to bring these hills, busy during the ski season, alive during the summer quiet months. The route is a moderately challenging and devoted to the ancient form of alpine communication.

Coaching starts at the peak of the Königsleitenspitze mountain reachable by a free-to-use cable car. It was warm but breezy and as the wind played with our hair, we got a

A weekend in Istanbul

Only have a weekend in Turkey’s capital? Helen Griffiths suggests her top five must-see sights.

We don’t need a magic carpet to see this fascinating melting pot of the ancient, Christian and Ottoman worlds. We can take a ride on the new Marmaray rail link, which has a stretch under the sea, to a fabled Turkish city, straddling two continents, dating back 3000 years.

Istanbul, once capital of the eastern Roman Empire, is now a bustling, modern metropolis where ancient architectural relics, symbolising the opulent riches of old, rub shoulders with the trappings of Turkey’s new wealthy economy.

Beyond the view of the spectacular skyline dominated by mosques the Bosporus Strait divides the city; one side is in Europe and the other in Asia. The Sea of Marmara lies to the north east and the Golden Horn, to the south, is a scenic waterway for ferries and pleasure crafts.

Its many-layered history begins In 700BC when Greek colonists settled on on the Asian side, followed by the Byzantines who settled the western side and gave the city its name. Byzantium became part of the Roman Empire and Emperor Constantine, who converted to Christianity on his deathbed, renamed it Constantinople. Christianity became the state religion.


Go Northern Lights hunting in Autumn

The best time to experience the Northern Lights is in Autumn, when the weather is milder and skies are clear. We recommend three places for seeing the aurora borealis.

When most people think of the Northern Lights, they imagine frozen lakes and several feet of snow. But, believe it or not, there’s a better time to go and hunt that once in a lifetime experience – autumn.

Why Autumn?

For a start, it’s usually much warmer than the deep artic winter, so you won’t normally have to get kitted out in snowsuits or ski-gear. There is a chance of some snow and it’s not going to be tropical, but jeans and a heavy jacket will usually do the trick – maybe with a thermal vest underneath if things get a little chillier.

Most importantly for the avid Aurora Borealis hunter is that the snow clouds have not yet gathered in earnest and so the skies are much clearer. Cloud cover is the enemy, so the better the weather the better your chances of a sighting.

The lights are at their most frequent in late autumn, but the later you go the more the risk your hike will turn into a snowshoe trek so it’s your

Okavango Delta in Botswana becomes 1000th UNESCO World Heritage site

Botswana’s Okavango Delta became the 1000th site inscribed on the UNESCO’s World Heritage list. We take a closer look at this life-affirming region of Africa.

Botswana’s Okavango Delta is probably the world’s largest inland delta and certainly one of the wettest, wildest and most inaccessible places left on the planet. Its awesome size and seasonal metamorphosis from a segment of Kalahari desert – the largest stretch of sand in the world – to oasis that supports the diversity of wildlife is enough to make anyone feel small.

It all begins with a most extraordinary river which starts its journey in the Angola highlands and meanders 10000 miles until it reaches northern Botswana. The waters may be heading for the sea but it never actually reaches the Indian Ocean.

Instead, it fans out through papyrus swamps and palm groves which effectively filters the water leaving it crystal-clear before it makes its way down old hippo trails and filling the lagoons and creates Africa’s biggest oasis that floods the plains with 11 cubic metres of water. The magic of nature is that this happens in the dry season – July and August – offering an amazing lifesource for wildlife. As a result, it’s also one